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 10506 **Selling 23 Straws of PBR Final Bulls for 1 Package Price**

17 Straws of #186 Gigolo(ABBI#10009212)
Sired by Playboy Skoal x Daughter of Red Rocker
#186 is a PBR Finals Bull(View his PBS)and is the Sire to 9 Bulls with PBS including Taco Bell and 856 Templeton(View their PBS).

2 Straws of #4J Pandora's Box(ABBI# 10009848)Deceased
He is the Sire to PBR/CBR Bull 64 Out of the Box(View his Pro Bull Stats):

4 Straws of #360 Avalanche(ABBI#10025217)
Sired by Playboy Skoal and out of a Own Daughter of Bodacious!
4x PBR Finals Bull(View His Pro Bull  Stats)
#360 is the Sire to PBR 184 Soggy Hill(View his Pro Bull Stats)!

Here's a Chance to Add some Great Proven Genetics to your Breeding Program!

9:00 PM (CT)
750.00 USD
(Reserve not met)
 10507 **Selling 32 Straws of Semen for 1 Package Price**

10 Straws of Josey Wales(ABBI#10008141)
PBR Bucking Bull(View His Pro Bull Stats)
Sired by Playboy Skoal and out of a Daughter of #55 Gunslinger!

2 Straws of 273 Vindicator(ABBI#10006572)
3x NFR Finals Bull(1998-2000) and PBR Finals Bull
(View His Pro Bull Stats)
Sired By Mr. T and out of a Burns Bred Cow

20 Straws of Uncle Kracker(ABBI#10003900)
Sired by ALLIGATOR(Also the Sire to Kid Rock) and out of CCC 62 RED HOOKER
Uncle Kracker Bucked in the PBR Until He Got Hurt!! He Is a 1/2 Brother To the Late Great Kid Rock & Sammy Andrews Bull Hooked on Vegas!
He is the Sire to 5 Bulls with PBS including Crazy Eddie of Diamond S.

This Package of Semen are all Proven Sires!

9:00 PM (CT)
200.00 USD
(Reserve not met)
 10508 **50 Straws of #588 Sky High(ABBI#10034977)for 1 Package Price**

Sired by Sky King(Own Son of Kish's Wolfman ) and out of a Own Daughter of OX7 Stingray

588 was the NBBS Reserve Champion in Ebart, Michigan Spring 2006.  He is Loaded with Great Genetics and He is Producing Calfs that Buck!  He is a 1/2 Brother to the Late Great Bull Apollo! Here's a Great Opportunity to Add some Sky King Genetics to Your Herd!

You are Bidding on all 50 straws for 1 package price!

9:00 PM (CT)
150.00 USD
(Reserve not met)
 10509 **Selling 110 Straws of Semen for 1 Package Price**

6 Straws of 213 Arrowhead(ABBI#10007618)
Sired by #329 Houdini x Wolfman Daughter
213 is the Sire to PBR/CBR/PRCA Bull Chapstick

4 Straws of 778 Mightycat(ABBI#10028364)
Own Son of Go Kat Go x Daughter of Achy Breaky

13 Straws of Oh Bell Boy (ABBI#10002250)
Sired by Pacific Bell (3x World Champion Bucking Bull) and out of 1X Ashford!
Oh Bell Boy is the Sire to 3 PBR Bulls:
Pacific Design
Ghostly Bell

10 Straws of Hedge Hog (ABBI#10005806)
Sired By Original JR and Out Of a Jackie Ratjen Cow: 

7 Straws of #18 Mudslide(ABBI#10011312)
Own Son of #790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger(2006 PBR Bucking Bull Of The Year) and A Maternal 1/2 Brother To Western Wishes(7X PBR Finals Bull)

9 Straws of Soggy Hills Hooty
Sired by Skat Kat and out of a Daughter of Dodge Dakota/Red Rocker Daughter!

6 Straws of #112 Rapid Weight Loss(ABBI#10008990)
Sired by Shimmering Oz and out of a Own Daughter of Playboy Skoal

5 Straws of #AC55 Guns Gone(ABBI#10006660)
Now Deceased**
Sired by #55 Gunslinger and out of LH104

3 Straws of #28 Salt Water(ABBI#10003316)
Sired by Whitewater Skoal(Own Son of Oscar's Velvet) and out of a Ravenscroft Cow
Salt Water(Now Deceased) was a PBR Finals Bull(View His Pro Bull Stats)!

12 Straws of #241 Mossy Oak Red(ABBI#10022035)
Sired by World Champion Mossy Oak Mudslinger and out of a Own Daughter of Roughwater!
#241 is the Sire to PBR/CBR Bulls Flash Bang & TNT 636

29 Straws of 30 Muddy Water(ABBI#10003318)
Sired by Whitewater Skoal x Ravenscroft Cow
Sire to Spitshine, Bad Bob and Just Ray

6 Straws of Achy Breaky(ABBI#10000715)Deceased
Sire to PBR Finals Bull Cat Daddy

Here is a Great Package of Semen that Gives you a Wide Variety of Great Genetics.

9:00 PM (CT)
300.00 USD
(Reserve not met)
 10510 **49 Straws of Semen Selling for 1 Package Price**

4 Straws of 106 Bo Flex(ABBI310005825)
Grandson of Bodacious x Rafter G Bred Cow

6 Double Barrel Rocker(ABBI#10028361)
Own Son of Gigolo x Daughter of Red Rocker

13 Straws of #44 Taco Bell(ABBI# 10028360)
Sired by Gigolo(Own Son of Playboy Skoal/Grandson of Red Rocker) and out of a Granddaughter of Bodacious!
Taco Bell is a PBR/PRCA Bull Hauled by Diamond S(View His Pro Bull Stats)!  #44 is a ABBI World Finals Qualifier 2006 !

6 Straws of C79 Hair Raiser Rocker(ABBI#10015985)
Own Son of #329 Houdini x Daughter of Red Rocker

6 Straws of #104 Ernie(ABBI#10018191)
Sired by Mini B and Out of a Own Daughter of RJ 103 Yogi & Out of a Red Rocker Daughter

6 Straws of Caja 54(ABBI#10042905)
Grandson of Houdini & Red Rocker

1 Straw of 150 Tsunami(ABBI#10015986)Deceased
Grandson of Vitamin Pac x Yogi

1 Straw of 211 Hard Times(ABBI#10067669)Deceased
Own Son of K44 Skoal Time(Katich Breeding)

5 Straws of 103 Yogi(ABBI#10001469)
Own Son of Bodacious

1 Straw of PBR Finals Bucking Bull #29 Crown Of Thorns(ABBI#10003317)View His Pro Bull Stats!
Sired by Whitewater Skoal and out of a Ravenscroft Cow.

Here is a Great Package at a Great Price!

9:00 PM (CT)
150.00 USD
(Reserve not met)

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